Cookie was very much loved by her family but they had to give her up due to having her in downtown Toronto where was illegal. When she arrived her family brought all her toys and blankets, more stuff than I'd ever seen for any one piggy. Her family spent hours here with her, helping her feel comfortable. Cookie was adopted out to a friend of ours, but she came back to us in 2015 when circumstances changed for our friend. She's a solitary girl, preferring her own company to that of other pigs. Our little rooster Goldwing is quite smitten with her and can often be found perched on the edge of her bed cooing away to her. She is the best bed-maker I have ever seen, able to cover herself perfectly all on her own. She gets a bed turn down every night and gets herself perfectly positioned all on her own. She grumbles at us if we try to help.She is a lovely, large girl.