Caring for our animals is expensive, and we cannot do it alone. Donations of any kind mean the world to us and, more importantly, to our animals. There are many ways that you can contribute.


Monetary donations help us provide everyday and veterinary care for our many animals and maintain safe, comfortable shelters for them to live in.


Sponsoring one of our animals is a meaningful way to make a difference in their life. When you sponsor one of our animals you will receive a certificate of sponsorship and our eternal gratitude. Sponsorship helps us to provide food, shelter, veterinary care (and treats!) for your chosen animal. We encourage sponsors to visit their sponsored animal so that he or she can say "Thanks!" in person.

Sponsorship Amount
Which animal would you like to sponsor?


Our rescue is always in need of the following items: blankets, hay, straw, pink insulation, plywood, dog houses, fruit, veggies.

Please contact us to arrange a donation drop-off time.