Marley the rooster was named after Bob Marley. He lived very happily on a farm with a flock of hens. One night disaster struck, and his entire flock was killed by a predator, he was the only survivor. We were asked if we could take him so he could be safe and have some new chicken friends. He very quickly made himself at home and was delighted with our hen Chelsea. In the beginning he would roost way up in the barn rafters, but when he realized Chelsea could not fly that high, he started roosting with her on the back of our prep table in the barn. Sadly, about a month ago we lost our Chelsea to an unknown illness. Since then Marley has forged an unlikely friendship with our little banty rooster Goldwing. Goldwing lives in our garage with several potbellies, and every morning Marley will march up to the house and crow for his friend Goldwing to come out. Or maybe he's just telling us he wants his breakfast, because as soon as we come outside he runs back to the barn to be fed. Later he'll follow Goldwing all around the house and into the apple orchard. They're quite a sight to behold. Two bachelors just lighting up the town.