Milo came to us in 2010 in a roundabout way. His family needed to find a home for him and we agreed to help. A home was found on a farm that had another pet pig as well as some mini donkeys and other animals. His family needed to go to Newfoundland to care for a sick family member, so they brought Milo to this farm and headed to the east coast. I kept close tabs on him to make sure he was adjusting well. In the beginning, he was. His last dwelling had been a condo and he didn't get to go outside much, so he was loving all the freedom. Then the other animals started picking on him, especially the other male pig. Milo was becoming more and more distressed, to the point where he wouldn't even leave his stall. He was shutting down. Bob and I drove down there and picked him up. He immediately perked up upon arriving at Ruby Ranch and soon became the same kind of tyrant that was harassing him at the other farm. The other pigs soon learned to steer clear of him. He began his time here as an outdoor pig, but would come inside to visit regularly. Eventually his visits to the house became longer and longer until he had somehow managed to become a full time housepig. He still enjoyed his daily forays into the field to graze and nap in the shade, but he made it clear a stall was just not going to cut it. Couches and blankets only for me please. He's been with us for a long time now and has a touch of arthritis, but it doesn't slow him down. He's the first pig out the door in the morning. He's still a bit of a bully with the other pigs, but Minty's arrival and subsequent take over of top pig status has mellowed him a lot. It seemed almost to be a relief to him to hand over the reins to a new, younger boss pig.