Our Story


Ruby Ranch started out in 2008 as a sanctuary strictly for pigs. Somewhere along the way a few sheep and some chickens found their way here as well. They rounded out our farm family nicely.

In 2005, after unexpectedly finding ourselves guardians of a potbellied pig named Ruby, and finding out that there were very few safe havens for discarded pet pigs, we began planning our move from the city. Before that happened, we had taken in five more pigs who had nowhere else to go. We learned so much from Ruby, she was patient in her teachings, and we were anxious to help more of her kind, and to show people how they were so very loving and intelligent, no different from the dogs and cats so many share their lives with. Our bond with Ruby was extraordinary. She would follow us to the ends of the earth, expecting very little in return. She only got to spend eight years with us at the farm that we named after her. We lost her to kidney failure in 2016. Her legacy continues, as we are still taking in one or two pigs a year, helping other pig parents understand their porcine friend, trying our best to dispel the myth of the "teacup" pig, and advocating for a kinder world where animals and animal products are no longer consumed. In recent months, we've started offering pet pig boarding on a limited basis as well, something we hope to get into more next year.

While our sanctuary is small (we have hovered at around the twenty to twenty five pig mark for most of our time here) we know we have made an impact on the lives of the many pigs who have come to live with us, as well as the many we have had a hand in placing in homes of their own.

Going into our eleventh year, we hope that with the help of caring people who donate to the sanctuary, hold fundraisers for us, and become monthly donors we can continue to help many more.