This dashing gent is Pugsley. He's been with us quite a long time. When his former mom contacted me about giving Pugsley a home, I initially told her we were not taking any new pigs at that time. Pugsley was an emotional support pig of sorts, for a boy with autism. Pugsley was a young, un-neutered male and as such could be quite naughty at times. The boy, named Jay, would watch Pugsley doing things like making a mess while eating, and it would make him think about his own behavior, and he'd try to do better than Pugsley. Pugsley's mom contacted me again, as she was desperate for a safe place for this special pig. Her son was in a group home for children, and he was turning 18 and would have to be moved to an adult facility. They had no idea where that would be, they had to be ready to move at a moment's notice. Then she told me something that I found pretty amazing. She said she felt that Pugsley belonged with me, because she and I shared the exact same name, first and LAST! We were both Sherry Burnett, though she spelled her first name a little differently than mine We both believe strongly in signs from the universe, and fate, and I agreed that there was something bigger at work here and we agreed to take Pugsley. Sheree immediately got Pugsley in for a neuter and a few weeks later we went and picked him up. Pugsley was even a t.v star at one point. The t.v show Pet Heroes came to the farm and filmed him with Sheree and her son Jay in attendance. He truly was a hero to Jay. Pugsley is a true gentleman, though he's slowing down a bit now, being a senior, but he loves life.