2003 - 2017

 Last conversation:

"I'm tired mom, I'm really tired."

"I know Stannie, but maybe you'll feel better soon?"

"No mom, I hurt."

"But we've been together so very long. I can't imagine not having you by my side."

"I have enjoyed every moment with you mom. We've had some great adventures."

"But Stannie, how can I make this decision for you, I am not qualified, it shouldn't be up to me."

"It has to be up to you, you are mine and I am yours. I only have you to depend on."

"It's not fair. You're only 14. I need more time with you."

"Yes, but for the last 10 years I have had such good times. I had the farm, I had the hay field, I had the shade of such good trees and I have had friends. And remember when we stayed in that warehouse for a week in a tent? Oh, such fun I have had. Now my eyes are clouded, my appetite is gone and I can't get up without your help, and the things that brought me joy are just too far away. Look into my eyes and you will know what to do."

"I cannot."

"You must."

"But why me?"

"You are all I have."

"But I love you so."

"Then do this one last thing for me Mom."

"Ok Stan. I will keep the promise I made to you and your old mom, to always keep you safe and free from pain, and to always do what is best for you. I will call the vet tomorrow."

"Thank you mom. I love you."

"I love you more than words can say Stannie. Rest easy now. I will take care of this for you, as much as it hurts me. You are more important than my feelings. God, we had a good time together my boy."

"I know mom. I will remember."