Stormy arrived at Ruby Ranch in the summer of 2008. He was just a little piglet, purchased by a man right off the back of a transport truck at a truck stop. We're not sure what his intentions were for this little one, but luckily his neighbour convinced him to relinquish the baby to us. He slept in my arms all the way home as we drove through thunderstorm after thunderstorm, hence his name. Not long after arriving here he developed a serious ear infection that caused him to circle and scream in pain. We were able to get it under control with the help of our vet, but he has some lasting effects from it, even 10 years later. He still circles when he's waiting for his dinner, but they are large, joyful circles now, and the other animals have learned to get out of his way or they'll be plowed down! He loves his mud wallow, and spends hours and hours in it in the summer.